"The City of Southfield has used Cedric McSween as a facilitator on several occasions. He has served as the facilitator for the City's Neighborhood & Condominium Associations Workshops and also previously served as the Chairperson for the City's Total Living Commission. Mr. McSween is always a consummate professional, with the unique ability to make workshop participants feel at ease while also drawing out active participation and involvement from the crowd. He is an expert presenter, facilitator and business coach that comes highly recommended."

Michael Manion, Community Relations Director
City of Southfield

Cedric is one of those rare people you know you can trust to do what they say and make the right choices in any circumstance and that is a rare quaility indeed.
His only passion is to serve others and to that measure he is exemplary! I would recommend Cedric to anyone,

Brad Doyle


"I left my corporate life as an engineer to work in the alternative healing realm. At that time, in 2002, I really wasn’t familiar with running a small business.

In the summer of 2003, I met Cedric when he introduced me to BNI, and he began teaching me how to build a referral network.

Cedric has such a diverse background and is very knowledgeable. He has a great energy, is so positive and an awesome motivator, the most valuable benefit I gain from his individual coaching sessions is how I feel after meeting with him. I walk out of his office feeling as though I can accomplish anything and change the world.

So, if you are interested in: being motivated, making positive changes, taking your business to the next level, contact Cedric at McSween Coaching for an individual coaching session."

Mark Rebner - Massage Therapist - Crania Sacra and Energy work


How important is it to follow your dream or passion?  We struggle with that because we know we have the ability but unable to define & develop the processes to reach those goals. They can all be within our reach if only we knew how to grasp them.  For this reason, we reach out to those we believe can help direct and guide us to those who know how to help us start the process and understand our vision.

In that we find one a person who possesses that ability to help us realize our potential. A experienced business coach and the entrepreneur’s key to success, we find Cedric McSween.  Charismatic, energetic, with skills to motivate and build up our confidence, he helps us develop who we really are and the talents that lie within, while holding us accountable.

Cedric has been an integral part of my networking circle for many years, but until recently, I did not realize just how valuable his help was to growing my business and attaining my goals. That decision to work with him was probably one of the smartest business moves I could have made and no regrets or looking back now.

 I would highly recommend Cedric McSween to anyone who wants to improve, not just their business, but their personal lives as well.

Lori Greco

VP Bookkeeping Services  & QuickBooks Advisor



best coaching experience I have ever had !! My business is growing thanks to him!!

ANGIE Green - Evergreens Coffee



Cedric is not only an inspiration but the knowledge he brings to the table is top-notch. He provides accountability but even better he is a strategic partner that helps align my goals with actionable steps to implement in order to reach my milestones. I highly recommend McSween Coaching to anyone who's looking to take their business and personal lives to the next level!

Jeremy Kochis - CrossFit Reviver Co-Owner


Excellent Business coaching

Excellent job on helping Me increase sales and helping Me to make the right business choices for my business. Cedric is quick to response to help you on your issues. Charlie Simpson, YPS Digital

Charlie Simpson - Owner YPS Digital


Clarity and Confidence

I am currently receiving coaching sessions to improve my performance in my network marketing business. Cedric has helped me to clarify my target market and how to approach them more effectively. I now have the confidence to do what I need to do and I know that I will succeed in reaching my goals.

Cynthia Patrick - Arbonne District Manager

A Great Coach With A Great Approach!

I met with Cedric McSween for the first time on March 24th, was extremely impressed with his professionalism, depth of knowledge, grasp of my situation and needs, and his explanation of what he could do to assist. Our 2nd meeting occurred on March 31st and his methods produced immediate insights to build on. I can well see the direction that we are headed in, and I am very pleased and looking forward to learning more from him. Anyone looking to engage a business and/or career coach should absolutely give Cedric very serious consideration.

Roy Baker 

Project Manager

Coach McSween notices and appreciates his clients' strengths and demonstrates how to best augment and sell them to others. He is a very positive person whose attitude is contagious. He reminds his clients that the glass is half full, not empty. He practices and teaches consideration for others and to take into account their particular behavioral style as it relates to that of his client's. I have found his coaching to be very effective in helping me to win acceptance from others whether it be networking, job interviews, emails - just about any type of interpersonal situation.

Kenneth Kirby Jr. - Engineering Project Manager

Cedric has helped me to focus on ways to better relate to my new coworkers, clients and have confidence in setting goals towards future earnings.

Laura Fergle - Marketing Specialist

The passion is obvious, suggestions constructive and inspiring.

Ken Gass - Investment Advisor

Stephanie R.

Rebel Strength & fitness

Hiring Cedric as a business coach was the best decision I've made as a business owner. I am a single business owner and having Cedric to lean on and guide me took a lot off my shoulders. He has taught me so much in such little time and I will definitely continue to use him long-term. He provides valuable insight on business, he truly looks out for your best interest, and holds you accountable by contacting you weekly regarding your goals and action plan. I would recommend ANY business owner or anyone thinking about owning a business to hire Cedric as a coach! He is a trusted, credible, motivating, and reliable individual!!!

Mike B.

Licensed Insurance Agent

Awesome Coach! Better person!! He is one of my inspiring mentors and probably doesn't even realize it! I am Honored to call him my friend! Highly recommend him and his coaching system! He is the human cup of coffee!

Kristen J.

Health & Wellness Consultant

Cedric gives 110% while working with you.... his ability to focus in on a given area and analyze it, is remarkable.

Jaclyn F.

Office Manager - Fairway Landscaping

Everything about Cedric's business coaching program is awesome! Great to work with! Thanks!

Kori S.

Horizon Interior designer

I love having someone in my corner, who has my back and my best interests at heart. It is comforting to know that I can bounce my ideas off of him without judgement, and that he always leaves me feeling I can conquer the world. What a gem!

Jason C.

Carter Quality Floors

Working with McSween Coaching has been a huge benefit to my company. Cedric drives me to set goals and assists with tracking overall progress. It is a great asset to have someone outside my specific industry to give advice on the entire spectrum of running a business. Pricing is more than fair, given our return on investment and the critical advice he has provided.

Jake M.

Marketing Executive

Cedric truly cares. He's a great listener, and his advice has been invaluable. I highly recommend him.


Lisa B.

Catering by Katherine

McSween coaching has been a worthwhile investment in my business. His experience has helped me immensely with the business my husband and I purchased. I look forward to our continued relationship.

Christina C.

Antina Promotions

Cedric is very professional, supportive and has made sure to have a clear understanding of my business model. This is important to me because it keeps us on the same page and it helps him to offer great advice. He also takes the time to make sure I am clear and focused so I can do what I need to do in order to meet my goals and make my business successful.

Dr. Brendan Shannahan - Vitality Chiropractic:

I am a chiropractor in Rochester Hills and own an office with 4 team members. We had Cedric come into the office to help coach us on our behavioral styles so we can better communicate with the staff as well as future clients. He is very in depth and will first provide you with an assessment so he has a good idea of what styles your staff possesses. After the assessment is complete, he sends over a report in which he goes over IN DETAIL with you and your team. After the in depth report, we then role played so we can better understand what we just learned and also apply it. We were greatly appreciative of Cedric's time and knowledge of behavioral styles and would recommend him to any business looking to grow!

Tina S. Physical Therapist

Cedric brings a new energy and level of dynamic engagement to personal and business growth topics. He focuses on "out of the box " thinking strategies to accelerate progress.

Denise B. Neil King Physical Therapy

We had a great experience working with Cedric. He is full of energy and has a great way of motivating staff to want to achieve results. His courses provided a lot of education while being fun at the same time! Thank you Cedric!

Sheila D. Troy Chamber of Commerce:

Cedric's presentation from start to finish was high energy and full of information. Attendees left with powerful tools to jumpstart sales the minute they left his presentation!

Tracie G.  Director of Events:

In psychology, motivation is a force that energizes and directs behavior toward a goal. Cedric is that force. Powerful and dynamic Coach! He teaches effective goal setting techniques, efficient time management strategies and just the all around positive encouragement he exudes is a game-changer. I urge anyone who struggles with professional or personal development and growth to contact Mr. McSween today!

Ara T. - C.E.O. Troy Chamber of Commerce:

I simply love Cedric's energy and honesty. He is never without a smile and his passion shows each and every time I heard him present to audiences. He taught me a networking phrase which I will forever be thankful to utilize (I am not sharing, hire Cedric first!) and I think you cant go wrong in meeting with him.

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